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Learn whether a thyroid disorder is causing problems with your weight, energy levels, mood, sleep and more.

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The thyroid affects practically all cells in the body, and has a key role in metabolism, growth, body temperature, sleep and fertility. When the thyroid is not functioning correctly, symptoms can be vague and a blood test can be an easy way of identifying a problem.

Advanced Thyroid Function

This test measures your levels of the three thyroid hormones and, for this advanced test, we measure your Anti-TPO Antibody Status and Levels.

Buy - £75

Basic Thyroid Function

This test measures your levels of the three thyroid hormones Triiodothyronine (T3), Thyroxine (T4) and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH).

Buy - £55

What’s included in the analysis?

The thyroid is a gland located in the neck that produces hormones that regulates the body's metabolism, how we use and store energy. This test is used to diagnose and control hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, which can be the cause of weight gain, tiredness and fatigue, feeling cold and mental health problems. 

Free Thyroxine (FT4): T4 is the most abundant thyroid hormone in the blood. However, only about 1% of T4 in the blood is freely available for use by cells, the rest is bound to a protein. A FT4 test measures the amount of T4 that is biologically active in the blood and can exert an effect on bodily functions.

Triiodothyronine (FT3): T3 is thought to be responsible for most, if not all of the effects of thyroid hormones. About 20% of T3 in the blood is secreted by the thyroid gland, with the remainder being produced by the conversion of T4 in cells around the body. Like T4, most of the T3 molecules in the blood are bound to a protein and only a very small fraction is freely available and biologically active.

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is produced by the pituitary gland and is responsible for regulation of the secretion of T3 and T4 from the thyroid gland.

Only available in the Advanced Thyroid Function Test.

Anti-TPO is a type of autoantibody. Autoantibodies are produced by the immune system, and are similar to antibodies which are produced against viruses and bacteria, but instead of outside invaders, autoantibodies target the body itself. In this instance anti-TPO targets thyroid peroxidase (TPO) - an enzyme found in the thyroid gland, needed for the production of thyroid hormones.

Thyroid Test

2 types of test

What's included in the analysis?

What's included in the price?

A Melio team member will take a blood sample from your arm at one of our network of clinics. We’ll send this to our lab where we’ll analyse it for specific thyroid biomarkers.

Your lab results will be reviewed by one of our doctors who will provide you with a personalised report and tips to improve your health.

What is being measured?

Depending on the test you choose, we’ll check for different things.
If you choose the Basic Thyroid Test, we’ll check for FT3, FT4 and TSH.

If you choose the Advanced Thyroid Test, we’ll check for FT3, FT4 and TSH as well as your Anti-TPO Status and Levels.

Who should get tested?

It’s estimated around 1 in 20 people in the UK have some kind of thyroid disorder.

There are many different symptoms, meaning it can be hard to tell if you’re suffering from a thyroid problem. Common symptoms of thyroid issues include tiredness and fatigue, weight gain, sensitivity to cold and mental health issues.

When should I get tested?

It’s up to you to decide where you want to be tested for thyroid problems. But if you’re struggling with any of the common symptoms and you want to get tested, there’s no time like the present.

Getting tested means you’ll be able to better manage any thyroid problems you have.

Why Melio?

High quality results

Your blood is analysed by the largest labs in Europe, ensuring the highest quality results.

Doctor reviewed

Your results come with tailored recommendations from our team of doctors so you can start a personal and meaningful health journey.

Quick and easy experience

A trained professional will take your blood sample in a 15 minute appointment - so it’s quick, easy and you know you’re in safe hands.

How Melio works

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Discover if your thyroid is causing problems for you

If you’re struggling with your weight, energy levels, mood or sleep and think your thyroid could be the culprit, this is the place to start.

Take our blood test and find out how you can manage your health better.

  • Analysed by an accredited laboratory
  • Personalised doctor's report on the Melio platform
  • Includes up to 5 key thyroid markers
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Around 5% of people have some kind of thyroid disorder, but many affected are unaware

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Frequently asked questions

Who can buy this test?

To purchase a blood test from Melio you need to be over 16, and have a valid photo ID for identification in one of our locations. As an adult you can also purchase a COVID-19 Swab test for a child under 16 years of age, but you still need to bring valid photo ID (such as a passport) for the child to be tested.

On our website you can order any of our tests, however all tests are not available at all our partner clinics, so make sure that you check the availability before purchasing your test.

When placing your order, you'll be asked to register a Melio account using your phone number for two-stage authentication so that you can access your information safely. 

Once you've placed your order (account registered and payment completed), you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to take the test and how to complete your health profile.

Your results will be delivered together with a medical comment via your personal Melio account. For safe access you'll need to login using both your password and a PIN code sent to you mobile via SMS (two-stage authentication).

Where do I go to have my blood taken?

All Melio test are not available at all our partner clinics, so make sure that you check the availability before purchasing your test.

Before buying a test

  • Click the 'Clinics & Availability' link for the product you're interested in to find the available locations and time slots.

After buying a test

  • When you've bought a Melio test, click the 'Book Appointment' button from your Melio dashboard to find your nearest clinic and to book your appointment.

How do I receive my medical comment?

All of our doctors are registered specialists. When you have registered a profile with melio, we ask that you fill out a health questionnaire in your personal profile so that the doctor reviewing your test results can give you more personalised comments and advice.

When we receive your test results from the laboratory, one of our doctors will review and interpret your data together with the medical information you have provided in your profile. 

When your results have been reviewed the doctor will write comments in your personal journal and you will be notified once the comments are available.

What happens if there is a problem with my sample?

If your sample is missing or needs re-testing, our support team will contact you as soon as possible to solve it.

What happens if my results are out of the normal range?

Your results will be explained by our doctors in your personal comments, so that you can contact your GP in case any results are out of range. We will notify you very clearly if you need to follow up with your regular GP.

In case of very serious or urgent findings, one of our doctors will reach out to you directly.

When will you add more test packages?

At melio we are always working to improve and expand our range of health tests. As more tests and services become available you will be the first to know.